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Non-friable and friable asbestos
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Asbestos containing material is classed into two categories:-

Non-Friable asbestos containing material (or Class B) is a product that has asbestos bonded within it by cement, vinyl, resin or other similar product

Friable asbestos containing material (or Class A) is as a product that can easily be crumbed, pulverised or reduced to powder by hand pressure. Non-friable products may become friable due to damage or weathering. Under no circumstances should you disturb or go near Friable asbestos containing material.
Most homes built prior to 1990 will have some class B asbestos

For commercial owners or employers it is a 2007 OHS regulation that an asbestos register should be maintained.
To identify asbestos containing material is not always easy. The raw asbestos has been combined with other products to make a "super" material and the asbestos fibres can not always be seen with the naked eye.

To 100% identify some asbestos containing material a sample must be sent to a NATA approved labatory for analysis. We can provide this service for you or you may deal direct with an Occupational Hygienist - see links for more information.

In most cases we will be able to confirm the presence of asbestos without the need and cost of sampling because we have years of knowledge and expertise of removing and working with asbestos. Call us today for free advise or quote.
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